About us

Reduce Reuse Refashion is a one-woman owned, sustainable secondhand clothing store. It all started with a passion to create a way to share my love for fashion and spread awareness on the negative effect the fashion industry has on the environment. By shopping with us, you are not only adding unique items to your wardrobe; you are helping to reduce the massive textile waste in landfills, lessen the exploitation of women and children, minimize carbon emissions, and much more. Every time you choose to shop second hand, you are choosing to change the world for the better. When paying for an item on our website, keep in mind that you are not only paying for the clothing, but also for the labor of sourcing, restoring, and listing the items online. You’re also supporting an ethical company with dreams of cleaning up the earth, spreading awareness, and building a community that seeks an end to textile waste and the effects of that on the environment. 

Because of the positive impact of our company, we strive to make sure it is accessible to everyone to take a part in- which is why we keep all vintage prices low & affordable, and provide a wide variety of sizes & styles. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive enough company that causes people around the world to stop supporting fast fashion brands and contributing to the long list of negative impacts the fashion industry has on the earth and humanity.